10 Ways to Create Positive Feelings to Manifest What You Want

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Have you heard the saying that what you feel is what you attract? If you can focus on positive feelings, you can manifest other positive things.

If you think about it, if you’re in a low mood, you’ll see everything from that lens of perceiving the world. You may notice that everything doesn’t seem to go right when you’re feeling negatively.

If you’re in a happy mood, then you see things from a more positive perspective and attract other positive people and situations. The best part about it is that you can create the feelings you want to feel.

What Are Positive Feelings?

If you’ve ever seen the Map of Consciousness, then you’ve seen the color-coded emotions. Lower emotions include anger, revenge, sadness, and despair. They have intense red, gray, and black colors that represent the feeling of energy drains.

The higher end of the scale has emotions like joy, love, happiness, and inspiration. They have more color and vibrancy, including colors like purple, yellow, green, and blue.

At the top of the scale, you will see positive feelings. They represent the higher vibrations of being. Inside your body, you may feel vibrations that come when you think about being happy. The energy pulls you upward.

At the bottom of the scale, your energy may start to feel as if it is going down or sinking. The colors used to represent these feelings may also make you feel the same way.

The higher vibrations are the feelings we want to stay in more often than the lower ones. Being in a higher vibration will help you manifest what you want easier.

10 Ways to Shift Into a Positive Feeling

Knowing about higher vibrational feelings is only part of the story. You should also understand how to get into these high vibration states. Here are a few ways to do that.

Notice your thoughts

They create your feelings, according to Dr. David Burns, in his book, Feeling Good. Start to think more positive thoughts by saying affirmations. Even if you don’t believe them, they can shift your mood as you repeat them.

Take in the beauty of nature

Take a walk in nature and notice flowers and plants you like. Take some time to observe them. As you recognize their beautiful features, your mood shifts with your thoughts.

Move around

Take a moment and dance to a favorite song or do a quick exercise. You may want to walk to the next room or outside. By shifting your environment and moving, you interrupt your thoughts.


By exercising, you change your mood. Your body creates more endorphins when you exercise. This is why exercise helps you feel better and more confident.

Eat healthy foods

Eat more natural foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Drop processed food from your meals. Processed food often has carbohydrates that do not fill you up. Instead, you may still be hungry after eating. Try to eat more clean food, and you will notice a more relaxed mood.

Visualize for a few minutes

Use a guided visualization or take a few moments to relax and visualize. When you allow yourself the break, you change emotions by engaging with the movies or images in your mind.

Practice gratitude

Try journaling what happened today that makes you feel grateful. By being in the attitude of gratitude, you allow more positive emotions into your mind.

Engage your creativity

Take a few moments to paint or play with markers, color or draw, or even use creative apps on your phone or tablet. If you enjoy filming or music, try creating something today. By interacting with your creativity, you go into the positive side of your brain. It is fun to create while being in the moment.

Watch something funny

With video being at our fingertips, there is always a funny gif, meme, or video. Enjoy one on YouTube, Imgur, or TikTok, and you can watch to make you laugh. If you have Netflix, try watching a funny movie or a comedian to laugh away any negative feelings.

Show kindness to others

By doing something for another person, you shift into a state of helping. Call someone and chat about their day to be a listening ear, or bring a box of food to the local Food Bank.

Practice Positivity

The most important thing you can do to be more positive is to make a conscious effort to change your attitude. Once you accept the fact that life is not always perfect, you can make a positive change. It may take you a few days, weeks, or even months. If you want to be positive, you will make progress, and the shift will be successful.

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