Inspire Daily Motivation One Simple Word at a Time

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If the idea of creating a vision board—either on your own or within the confines of a class—really isn’t your jam, then consider choosing a word to inspire you toward your goals. Many vision board enthusiasts start their boards with their chosen word but if you choose not to complete an entire board, a single word is a great way to start.

Why choose a single word?

Words are powerful, especially if you spend some time reflecting on what you want this upcoming year to look like. What do you want to achieve in your personal life? What do you see happening in your business in this next quarter?

Choosing goals and having things to look forward too adds a bit of excitement to your life (book that trip to Aruba!) and it will spur you into taking certain actions to make those goals become a reality (find more clients so you can pay for that trip to Aruba).

A single word is also very easy to focus on in this technological world. Seeing that one word is simple for your mind to embrace and to remember. Keeping this word at the forefront of your mind makes setting boundaries and making better business decisions easier, simply because you have a goal.

Don’t Stress When Choosing a Word

First of all, if choosing a word to describe your upcoming year is causing you stress, it may not be the right exercise for you. Setting goals and choosing words are about empowerment – allowing yourself the chance to dream about your ideal life and work toward achieving those dreams.

Remember, there are two ways to handle life: reacting to things that happen to you or making things happen yourself. If you make things happen, then you are in complete control of your own happiness. If you’re constantly reacting to things, you’re just an observer in life.

Don’t let any person or circumstance steal your joy! There is always a way to see the silver lining and to get out of any situation; you just have to figure out the answer.

I Chose My Word… Now What?

Post that word somewhere in your home or office where you’ll see it daily. The idea is that you’ll become motivated both in your business and personal life the more you see your chosen word. Your word will help you recognize good opportunities that you may have missed in the past.

  • Set up reminders on your phone, with your word.
  • Incorporate meditating on that word into your morning or evening routines.
  • Share your word with others for accountability.
  • Write it in your planner.
  • Set up a digital wallpaper for your computer with that word.
  • If you’re a list person, write out action plans for the month, quarter, or year so you always know what should happen next to achieve your goals.
  • Allow that word to sink into your brain and take actions every single day that drive you toward your desired result.

You don’t need to set aside hours to set your annual goals. Sometimes all it takes is a simple word to give us the motivation to move forward in life, instead of feeling stuck in quicksand.

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