5 Ways to Use a Vision Board Workshop to Expand Your Reach

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Even if you work on vision boards with your coaching clients, running a vision board workshop for small or large groups of people is one way to expand your reach and name recognition. Everyone can benefit from focusing on what they want out of life—focusing on their idea lifestyle—so it’s quite possible that you’ll fill your room to capacity, just from your local community.

What is a Vision Board Workshop?

Similar to a vision board party among friends, this casual group gathers to meet new people, to dream about their ideal life, and to create their unique vision board. This group can be current clients, locals from your neighborhood, or business owners who want to achieve more focus on their goals.

Most workshops collect a nominal fee from attendees—more if you’re supplying food or other hospitalities—and that fee also covers the supplies that you, the coach, supply (of course, experienced vision boarders can bring their own supplies, too).

5 Vision Board Workshop Ideas

Here are 5 ways you can set up your vision board workshop. Add your own unique spin to each idea; being authentic and showing your personality is what will attract your tribe to you.

Choose a business theme

How many local business owners do you know in your hometown? If you don’t know them, chances are they don’t know you, either.

Rent a room at the local library, fire house, or community center and invite business owners to your business-themed workshop. Be prepared to speak about how focusing on their goals will help their productivity and will also motivate them to work more efficiently.

Reach out to charities or other need-based organizations

Troubled teens or single mothers are only two examples of groups that may have lost hope due to their situations. Creating a vision board will give them new hope and allow them to dream of a better life.

Be prepared to listen, offer support for their choices, and give them encouragement. If the charity does not have a conference room or other space available, look for the local library or church meeting room.

Create a spiritual gathering

Religious organizations often look for speakers to bring to their congregations and offering a more spiritual message might appeal to them. Consider offering a family vision board workshop, where kids and their families work on boards together. Offer a class to the older religious education students so they can learn to dream big and be hopeful about the future.

Create a social group to meet regularly

MeetUp.com is a great place to find local people and social groups. Certainly make your vision boards the focus of the meetup but always encourage new members to come at any point during the year to create their own.

Regulars can bring their vision boards with them to discuss what they’ve achieved or any changes they have made. Members also enjoy brainstorming or dreaming with others about wild adventures or bucket list vacations.

New Year challenge

December and January seem to be the most popular months to create vision boards given that the New Year brings about reflection and resolutions. Don’t limit yourself to just this time period, however, or you’ll miss out on other opportunities to reach people.

No matter what type of theme you choose, plan the workshop ahead of time so you have plenty of time to book a room and publicize it. Print up more business cards along with brochures about your business to distribute at the workshop.

Start with telling your immediate circle and don’t be afraid of running localized Facebook ads to attract even more people. Create a sense of urgency by limiting the number of guests, which also helps you stay in line with fire codes for your venue.

Lastly, don’t be afraid of distributing posters to local businesses and inviting them personally!

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