Even bloggers solopreneurs coaches online shops influencers need a business plan!

Here's one that won't overwhelm you

Create an actionable business plan to achieve your dream life.

It’s the perfect business planner for bloggers, influencers, and other content creators who feel like business plans are only for big businesses.

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This is you right now

You've got all these excuses for why you think you don't need a business plan:

But let me ask you this...

Did you start your business to fumble around aimlessly without results or was it because you wanted to have more time or money to do what you want?

If you want your business to be a success, you have to prioritize the most impactful actions. You can’t do that if you don’t have a sense of the direction you want to go in your business.

Your business plan will set your priorities

With a goal-based business plan, you’ll have an idea of what you need to do to achieve that goal—even if that means you’ll need to spend some time focusing on learning how to make it happen.

You’ll be able to focus on what’s important for right now, and know you’ll have time in the future to focus on other things that may be exciting but won’t help your bottom line until later in your business.

A business plan doesn't have to be complicated

Solopreneurs often skip their business plan is simply because they have no idea what to include. Or they think since they’re just a small business made up of one person, they don’t have the things that you should include in a business plan.

Your business plan doesn’t have to be complicated. All it needs to do is create a roadmap of your vision for your business so you can follow it to grow your business faster by focusing on what really matters.

The Solopreneur Business Planner is your first step

Well, technically, it's 9 actionable steps

Complete a set of nine simple exercises to:
  • Use your personal goals to understand your motivation.
  • Define your business vision and outline a plan to achieve your business goals.
  • Revisit your plan each year celebrate your achievements and make goals for the next year.

Step 1 | Review & Celebrate the Past 12 Months
Step 2 | Understanding Your Why
Step 3 | Your Business Vision
Step 4 | Goal Setting
Step 5 | Breaking It Down: Your Year at a Glance
Step 6 | Create Do-Able Tasks
Step 7 | Resources You Need
Step 8 | Accountability & Support
Step 9 | Revisit and Revise

(Here are the steps)

Is the
Solopreneur Business Planner
right for you?

This planner is perfect for you if:

  • You feel like creating a business plan is confusing.
  • You want to create a business that supports your life goals.
  • You want to start working on high-impact actions to grow your business with intention.
  • You work online as a coach, blogger, shop owner, freelancer, influencer, or any other work-from-home business model.

This planner is not for people who:

  • Want a get-rich-quick solution.
  • Don’t own or aren’t trying to own their own business.
  • Are looking to use their business plan to receive financial funding through a loan. This is a planner for organizing your life and business goals for your own benefit.

Focus your mindset for intentional business growth

Create a year-long plan to work on your goals right now!

Start today for only $27

(Normally $49)