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4 Genius Tips for Posting Fresh Pins to Pinterest Faster [Ultimate Fresh Pins Guide Part 2]

đź’ˇ Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking one of these links, I’ll make a commission or bonus for referring you at no extra cost to you. In addition, as an Amazon Associate I earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

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Welcome to Part 2 of my guide on creating and posting Fresh Pins to Pinterest without it taking all your time! While Part 1 was focused on creating graphics and video, this part is all about saving your Pins to Pinterest, whether you do that through scheduling or by hand.

In Part 1, we went over:

If you’re curious about those you can check out any of those direct links to each section.

But once you’ve created all your awesome new Fresh Pins, you’ve probably got some questions about what to do next:

  • Should you upload them all to Pinterest right away or drip them out over several days?
  • How much time should you leave between duplicate Pins?
  • Isn’t it going to take forever to upload all these new Pins to Pinterest?

No worries, I’ve got answers for all these questions right in this post!

First, I’ll do a quick refresher on best practices, give you 4 tips to make the uploading or scheduling process go faster, and then move on to the best way to schedule and manage your Pinterest Pins—even the Fresh ones.

đź’ˇ Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking one of these links, I’ll make a commission or bonus for referring you at no extra cost to you. In addition, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Best Practices for Pinterest in 2020

In Part 1, 19 Tips for Creating Fresh Pins Quickly, I went over the current best practices for Pinterest in 2020 and why creating Fresh Pins is vital to your Pinterest success. You can read that post if you’d like an in-depth explanation, but here’s a quick overview:

  1. Create more “Fresh Pins” – Fresh Pins are images that have never been seen before on Pinterest. Focus on creating high-quality images for new and existing content.
  2. Pin much less than you used to – Stop saving duplicate Pins hundreds of times because Fresh Pins get better engagement and so you don’t get suspended for spamming. Some duplicates are okay and good for SEO, but only saving repeats won’t result in much growth, if any.
  3. Where you save your Pins still matters – Keywords are vital for Pinterest SEO and board names are a big part of that.
  4. Save repeat Pins to fewer boards – Focus on boards with keyword relevancy rather than saving in every possible board.

4 Tips for Posting Fresh Pins to Pinterest Faster (Even Without Scheduling)

Creating the graphics for your Pins is one thing, but actually uploading each new graphic is another area where you can improve your workflow and save time.

Whether you’re scheduling or doing things manually, there’s some basic information you need to know about your Pin. Stuff like what boards to add it to, how often you’ll add it to a new board, and what description you’ll use.

All of this can be set up beforehand to save you time once you’re ready to post a fresh graphic or refresh an old one.

Pinterest Pin graphic that says 4 genius tips for saving Fresh Pins faster

Set up categorized board lists

A board list is exactly what it sounds like—a list of your Pinterest boards. To use a board list strategically, you need a categorized list of related boards in order of most to least relevant.

You should have a sorted list of boards for every topic you talk about regularly so when it’s time to add Pins to Pinterest, whether manually or with a scheduler, you know exactly where to schedule your Pins.

Tailwind has a board list feature built-in, so you can easily select all the boards you need in about two clicks or so.

Your Pin might fit in two categories and that’s perfectly fine, just combine both lists and again, make sure you use the most relevant first.

Keep descriptions, keywords, and hashtags handy

This is a small thing I started doing that’s turned into a huge help. I use Airtable to plan and keep track of my content and that includes my Pinterest Pins.

Since you’ll be making a lot of Fresh Pins, it’s unlikely that you’ll add all these graphics to your blog posts. Even if they were hidden, it’s just not a good idea.

So that means you’ll be using the “Add Pin” button, either on Pinterest or in Tailwind. This starts you out from SCRATCH so you have to enter a URL, title and description by hand.

I’ve already explained how I feel about mundane tasks so this is one of the things I made easier by using my content database to store this information.

Now, when I need to create a specific Pin, I can grab everything I need from one place. It’s much faster than trying to gather that info from each individual blog post or trying to Pins I’ve previously uploaded.

You can create a Pin database for yourself in Airtable or Google Sheets.

Calendar Appointment Agenda Schedule Planner - Set a date for scheduling or posting Fresh Pins to Pinterest

Schedule your scheduling

Have a day and time set aside for when you’ll do all your scheduling for the week, fortnight (not the game!), or month.

Yes, if you’re really on top of things, you can totally schedule an entire month in advance! Don’t feel bad if you prefer only a week or two, though. Whatever works best for your schedule is the perfect thing to do.

On your scheduling day, you’ll schedule out your own pin graphics as well as some third-party Pins. You should have enough from Tailwind Tribes or any group boards you have to fill in 5-10 daily Pins with third party content. I like to schedule up to 5 Pins from others each day.

Use intervals

In the context of Pinterest Marketing, an interval is simply the period of time between saving one instance of a Pin and another.

A lot of people associate this with scheduling since Tailwind has a specific interval feature, but this is something you should be thinking about even if you save Pins manually.

This is because you don’t want to Pin the exact same graphic multiple times in a day. This is one thing that may cause your account to be flagged for spam.

Instead, you want to leave a gap between one post and another of the same graphic. This gap should be at least a couple of days.

So you may have Graphic A go out to Board X on Monday, then to Board Y on Friday. Graphic B would have its own interval separate from Graphic A.

I’m currently experimenting with 3-10 day intervals since repeating the same Pin more quickly doesn’t work as well for me as it used to. At this point for me, it’s more about getting the right SEO value and catching followers who may not have seen the Pin the first time.

Technically you could have Graphic B’s interval run on the same days as Graphic A’s, but it makes more sense to start them on different days. There’s still the human element to Pinterest success, and showing people the same stuff all at once isn’t helpful. Spreading it out is much better!

Interval pinning is still important for SEO

You might be wondering why you should bother with intervals at all if Fresh Pins are in and old Pins are sort of out. That’s because Pinterest SEO is still a thing.

Your Pin doesn’t just show up in Home and Following feeds. It can also appear in:

  • Search results
  • The More Ideas tab on individual boards
  • In the More Ideas section underneath Pin closeups

Showing up in these spaces is what brings you the long-term, consistent traffic that you’re looking for. So to that, you still need to show the Pinterest algorithm what your Pin is relevant to.

The best way to do that is by saving it in your most relevant boards (boards with the keywords people would search to find your content) with other relevant third-party Pins. Along with optimized descriptions, of course!

As mentioned in Part 1, it’s recommended to add your Pins only to up to 10 super relevant boards. This helps Pinterest really understand the intent behind your content.

Pinterest Pin graphic that says the Fastest Way to Post Fresh Pins to Pinterest

The Fastest Way to Post All Your New Fresh Pins

You could spend all day on and off Pinterest while you upload each graphic at various times throughout the day.

Or you can save yourself an accidental, half-day trip down the Pinterest rabbit hole and use a scheduler to post your Pins.

Don’t get me wrong, spending time inside the Pinterest app is a good thing that you should do regularly, but this post is all about saving time. You don’t want to set yourself up for distraction by logging in to Pinterest 5 times a day or whatever.

Fortunately, you don’t have to because Tailwind has you covered.

With Tailwind, you can schedule your Pins to go out at any interval of time so you can focus your precious time on other tasks you need to do to run your business.

The real reason why Tailwind is the most popular Pinterest scheduling tool

One thing I see a lot of people who are on the fence about using Tailwind say is this:

“There are lots of other schedulers out there. People only recommend Tailwind because of the affiliate program.”

While it’s true that Tailwind does have an awesome affiliate program, this isn’t why so many people recommend it. Those other schedulers also have affiliate programs, but you still see everyone recommending Tailwind instead.

That’s because of one simple thing that most other scheduling tools miss: Tailwind understands how people actually use Pinterest for marketing.

The Tailwind advantage

One of the first things you learn about Pinterest is that it’s NOT social media. However, most other tools approach Pinterest the same way they approach Facebook or Twitter.

Tailwind does not!

Tailwind understands that you save Pins to multiple boards. It understands that you want to spread those Pins out with several days in between. It even analyzes your followers to see when the best times to post are.

Tailwind is also the only scheduler that has a system to get other people to share your Pins, Tailwind Tribes. This is great if you’re just starting out with Pinterest and you need people who will share your stuff.

Now with Tailwind’s new feature, SmartGuide, it can even tell you set better intervals so you don’t get your Pinterest account suspended for spammy activity. No other scheduler does this either!

Stay within Pinterest’s best practices with SmartGuide

In the Part 1 post, I introduced SmartGuide, Tailwind’s new tool to help people create better queues when scheduling with Tailwind. It was the SmartGuide introduction live stream that got everyone talking about the importance of Fresh Pins, though for about a year now myself and others have been seeing much better results with completely new graphics.

A representative from Pinterest was also on the stream and though Pinterest is always a bit vague, there was confirmation that Pinterest wants new graphics and has started to prioritize fresh, relevant content. They also mentioned that sharing to your most relevant boards is still important.

SmartGuide helps you stay within these guidelines when you’re resharing old Pins. With SmartGuide enabled on Tailwind (which it is by default on every Tailwind account) it will alert you of schedules that are pushing limits (like ones trying to schedule 50 Pins a day) or when you’re adding a Pin to too many boards (more than 10).

It also stops you from scheduling the same graphic too quickly. You can now only set intervals for at least 2 days apart.

Here’s a look at SmartGuide in action. If you make a schedule and everything is good, you’ll see this “All Clear” notice:

Tailwind SmartGuide All Clear notice

But if you create a schedule that’s risky, you’ll get this:

Tailwind SmartGuide spam safeguard

Save the most time with Tailwind

I’ve tried lots of different scheduling apps to see how they work. The truth is, trying to set up a Pin to go out to a new board every 5 days to 10 specific boards just takes so much longer in other scheduling apps than it does with Tailwind. If you use other tools, you might as well be uploading directly to Pinterest.

So that’s why I recommend Tailwind. It’s a HUGE time-saving tool.

You can try Tailwind out to schedule up to 100 Pins for free and grab a $15 credit so you can use it for a whole month after that. Just don’t forget that you still need NEW Pin graphics and a Pinterest SEO strategy to see good results.

What to expect from using Tailwind

I know we all want a miracle traffic “cure” but that doesn’t actually exist. I know you’ve seen the posts about people getting 30,000 or 100,000 visits thanks to Pinterest. But even though it is technically possible, this sadly isn’t what most people are getting.

Don’t expect crazy tens of thousands of visits in a single day or something just because you use Tailwind. That’s not how it works.

I’m not going to tell you you can get results like that because it depends on way more than just scheduling—things like what niche you’re in, how much you’re promoting, if you had a previous audience to help share your content, if you get a little lucky with a viral pin, etc.

However, I can show you the typical results Tailwind users see, which are more realistic and based on multiplying the results you’re already getting.

You get these results because CONSISTENCY is a big part of success on Pinterest. When you’re CONSISTENT, you can start achieving better visibility and your following grows. Using Tailwind is simply the best way that I’ve found to get your Pins out consistently and in all the right places.

Pro tip: Use Tailwind to schedule your Fresh Pins to see the best results!

With the monthly plan, you can save Pins up to about 13 times a day for the month. Fill each day with at least 5 Fresh Pins, more if you can. Don’t waste your trial by using it purely to save other people’s content. If you want results for yourself, you have to be willing to save your own Pins and save them often.

Does Pinterest penalize you for scheduling?

No! It doesn’t!

Pinterest has said over and over again that it doesn’t care how Pins get on to its platform. At least as long as that platform is using the Pinterest API. You can tell if a tool ISN’T using the API because it will ask you for your password. Never give your Pinterest password out to any tool!

To play it absolutely safe, only using official Pinterest Marketing Partners such as Tailwind.

There are some people who will swear by manual pinning and others who swear by scheduling. I suggest you give scheduling a try and see how you like it (make sure you have a Fresh Pin-based strategy ready so you can get the best results) and make a decision based on the results you see.

Start Sharing Your Fresh Pins

Now that you have some tips for saving time while sharing your freshest, most awesome Pins to Pinterest, it’s time for action!

Don’t forget the FOUR BIG TIPS for saving time while posting to Pinterest:

  1. Organize your boards into categorized lists.
  2. Create a spreadsheet or database (I like using Airtable, though you can use Notion, too) to save descriptions, keywords, hashtags, etc.
  3. Set aside time SPECIFICALLY to schedule your Pins (or to post them manually).
  4. Spread your Pins out so you don’t post all your available Pins in just a few days.

I’ve also given you $15 to use to try Tailwind out for a month. Tailwind is a safe way to try scheduling without OVERscheduling thanks to the new SmartGuide, so you won’t have to worry about that. It’s also an official Pinterest Marketing Partner.

I suggest using the 100 Pin trial first, then signing up with your $15 to continue trying it for free. Where Tailwind really shines is with how much time it says you while still allowing you to get all the benefits of using Pinterest to build your website traffic.

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Pinterest Pin graphic that says 4 genius tips for posting to Pinterest Faster with or without using a scheduler

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