4 Tips for Using the Pomodoro Technique to Get More Done in Less Time

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Take care of the minutes; for hours will take care of themselves.

Lord Chesterfield

We’d all like to get more done each day without feeling stressed out or exhausted by the end of the day. One way to elevate that stress and exhaustion is to make good use of time management techniques.

While many time management techniques are effective, the Pomodoro Technique is one of the most popular, which I’m going to tell you about today!

How the Pomodoro Technique Works

The Pomodoro Technique uses alternating work periods and short breaks to keep your brain refreshed throughout 2 hours of work or more.

There are four cycles, each composed of 25 minutes of work time followed by a 5-minute break. After the fourth cycle, you take a 30-minute break.

It may seem like stopping to take a break in the middle of your work is counterproductive, but it gives your brain a chance to relax and reset so it’s ready for another 25-minute stretch.

Knowing that you only have to work for a little bit before you get to take a break does two things:

  • It keeps you hyper-focused on completing whatever task you’re working on.
  • It gives you a set break time to look forward to.

With the Pomodoro Technique, you’re able to tell yourself you’ll put off checking your phone or email until your break, whether than stopping every 5 minutes to do it while you’re working.

This means you have 25 minutes of focused and uninterrupted work time. I’m sure you’ll be surprised just how much you can get done in just 25 minutes and how much more relaxed you’ll feel.

“One always has time enough, if one will apply it well.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Boost your productivity with the Pomodoro Task Tracker

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Use the Pomodoro Technique to get more done

Want to try the Pomodoro Technique out for your own time management? Don’t get started without reading these 4 tips to help you succeed.

Use a timer, not the clock

It’s a mistake to keep one eye on the clock while you’re trying to get your work done. Use a timer and position it so you can’t see it. You can use your cell phone, computer, or a physical timer.

There are specialized programs and apps for your computer or cell phone available online. They incorporate your work time, break time, and longer breaks.

The use of a timer is critical. It provides a sense of urgency and the knowledge that you’ll get a break soon. You’ll be surprised at just how much you can get done in only 25 minutes.

Experiment with different intervals

Many people thrive with the traditional schedule of 25 minutes of work followed by 5-minute breaks. Others do well with 50 minutes of work and 10-minute breaks.

See which works best for you and consider trying other options, too.

You may find that certain tasks work better with longer or shorter intervals. It’s important to experiment and be flexible in your approach.

Sometimes you may have time constraints that prevent you from completing a normal session. Try 10 or 15 minute work periods with 3-5 minute breaks and commit to small tasks that you can work on until you have more time.

Don’t skip the long break

This can be 15-30 minutes in length. It’s a good idea to move around. Get a drink of water or take a short walk.

Avoid skipping this longer break. It will really pay off later in the day! You’ll have more energy and maintain your ability to focus.

Avoid distractions

Part of the effectiveness of the technique is from focusing intently on the task at hand. You’ll have a quick break in just a few minutes, so keep your mind on track.

Let others know you don’t want to be disturbed. Remember, you’re not doing anything but your work for the next 25 minutes.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in a month and underestimate what they can do in an hour.”

― Unknown

Try the Pomodoro Technique for yourself

Give it a try for a few days and compare how much you get done, and how good you feel, to your normal workday.

Most people find this time management technique highly effective and reach the end of the day feeling much more refreshed than usual. You’ll probably find that it also improves your ability to focus and concentrate.

Try it for tasks at home, too! Set your timer and see how much housework you can get done in 25 minutes. Your children can use the technique for homework and studying.

Take the Pomodoro Technique for a test-run and see just how much you can get done each day. You’ll find that you can accomplish much more in 25 minutes than you ever thought.

Boost your productivity with the Pomodoro Task Tracker

Download this free Pomodoro Task Tracker to keep track of your main goals and the tasks necessary to complete those goals.

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