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You know you need Fresh Pins to keep your traffic from Pinterest up, but you don’t want to spend hours creating new Pin graphics.

Grab this collection of Canva templates, font combinations, and optimized color palettes to cut your design time from hours to minutes.

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New graphics = more traffic

You know you need Fresh Pins, but the design process takes forever

10 Pins in 30 minutes?

Other Pinterest marketers can create 10 Pins in 30 minutes or less, but it takes you at least that long to create one or two. How are they doing it?

The answer is simple: a systemized design process.

When you have fonts, colors, and templates already at hand, you can create new Pins much faster than trying to create new designs one-by-one.

So how you do set up your own process? Well, you could start by spending tons of time collecting and putting together various design resources on your own, or you could just check out…

Your instant library of design resources for Pinterest

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Here's What You Get

Inside your member’s area, you’ll find your own design resource library of templates, fonts, and colors that have been handpicked especially for creating successful Pinterest Pins

65 Canva Templates

Two packs of 30 + 5 bonus Pin templates

60 Color Palettes

60 color schemes with up to 5 colors in each

36 Font Combinations

12 bold headers with 3 combos for each

Take a Look Inside

36 Font Combos

Stand out from the crowd and grab attention with 12 bold header fonts, each paired with 3 sub-header fonts and 3 paragraph fonts.

These fonts were chosen specifically for use on Pinterest so you can create unique designs that stand out even on mobile devices.

Featured Header Fonts

Abril Fatface

Alfa Slab One

Archivo Black
Cherry Swash
Fredoka One
Libre Baskerville
Luckiest Guy
Noto Serif

Mix up your graphics and cater to different aesthetics to attract new audiences.

Never worry about matching colors again with these 60 color palettes available in monotone, trendy, and warm/cool/mixed temperature palettes with 5 colors in each palette.

Don’t know what any of that means? That’s fine, you don’t have to! I’ve done the hard work for you. Just pick a palette and go.

60 Color Palettes

Color Palette samples











Ready to get started?

65 Canva Pin Templates

Ready-to-use Pin templates. Just change colors, photos, or fonts to create your own unique look. Use your own or use resources included in this package.

Pin Design Pack 1

Design Pack 1 is all about variety. There are 10 basic layout styles with 3 variations of each. This pack also features tons of different ways to use typography and color in designs.

Pin Design Pack 2

Design Pack 2 is designed for speed. You can use 1 headline design on multiple templates to create Fresh Pins without headache. Use different photos for extra variation or crop an existing photo.

In this pack, there are 5 variations of 5 engaging Pin designs: Top headline, bottom headline, full graphic headline, number, download, and multi-photo. Enjoy 5 extra top headline graphics because I went a little overboard!

Grab this pack for yourself

Free updates

I’m a crazy person who loves creating this stuff so I’ve already got plans for MORE CONTENT. For the time being, all updates are free! Even if this changes, you’ll continue to keep your membership for free as long as you purchase before any changes.

Here’s what I’m thinking about for the future so far:

  • Video Pin templates for Canva
  • More font combinations
  • Color trios to simplify using more than 1 or 2 colors in your designs
  • Training on Pinterest productivity

None of this is completely set in stone so if you do make a purchase, make your decision based on the 65 templates, 60 color palettes, and 36 font combinations that are already available.

Got Questions?

I've got answers!

Links to templates, color palettes, font examples, and other resources are available from the Pin Design Shortcuts product in the Stay Goal’d Business Vault.

After you purchase you’ll receive your login information to access the product.

Once you purchase, you can access for the lifetime of the product. Even if I decide to change to a membership in the future, you’ll continue to have full access at no extra charge.

At this time, all updates are available free of charge. I’m not ruling out the possibility of eventually switching to a monthly membership, though.

Even if I do switch, you’ll continue to have full access to all existing and future updates.

For the templates, yes. The templates were created within Canva and you must have a Canva account to edit them. A free account will work just fine.

Color palettes and fonts can be used with any software.

If you’re unhappy with your purchase and and unable to use any of the items in this pack, you can contact me within 14 days for a refund. Your access to Pin Design Shortcuts in the Stay Goal’d Business Vault will also be revoked.

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