How Creating Vision Boards Will Skyrocket Your Motivation

Staying motivated to achieve your goals can be tough. Sometimes what you really want or need takes hard work, determination, and will power that may fade away easily after you start working on a project. So what can you do to keep yourself motivated? The answer may be to create vision boards so you can […]

Do Vision Boards Really Work?

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Do you set goals for yourself, either in your personal life or for your business? If not, how do you know you’re growing or making progress? When was the last time you allowed yourself to daydream about the type of life you want? Do you know your WHY—the reason behind all the long hours you […]

How to Make a Vision Board in 6 Simple Steps

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Do you feel you need a push to focus on your goals? Daily reminders and motivators would be great, right? But you might be wondering how it’s possible to keep your goals in mind every day. Your life is busy. You barely remember what you had for lunch yesterday. One way to focus yourself on […]

7 Essential Questions Your Business Plan Should Answer

7 Essential Questions Your Business Plan Should Answer

Every business—from a large corporate entity to a home-based blog business—needs to have a business plan. I realize that might sound scary to a lot of bloggers or content creators, but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to actually grow and make money. Just because what you’re doing isn’t what we traditionally think of as […]

5 Simple Self-Care Practices to Show Yourself Some Love

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Do you often feel like all your time is spent taking care of others in your work, home, and social responsibilities? Neglecting self-care is easy in a busy world, but the consequences can be serious. Adding self-care practices to your daily routine can greatly strengthen your health and well-being, especially in difficult times. Experts have […]

4 Quick Tips for Finally Finding Your Passion

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Are you tired enough of living your current life to make a serious change? Someone’s probably told you to “follow your passion” before. That’s great advice as long as you can figure out what your passion really is. Though you may be committed to finding your passion, it’s not necessarily an easy thing to do. We […]

3 Simple Tips for Building a Business—Not Another Job

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Many people dream of working for themselves, being their own boss, and having the freedom to only take on clients and projects they love. What they don’t realize, though, is that there is a huge difference between building a business and being self-employed. Do you want to build a business or just another job? Business […]

Using Mini-Tasks to Put an End to Procrastination

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Be honest, do you ever procrastinate? I bet you do! Would you like to know a simple method to help you put a stop to this time-wasting habit? You can make progress today by breaking your to-do list into mini-tasks. This time management technique addresses one of the most common causes of procrastination on larger […]

How to Stay Motivated When You Don’t See Any Results

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Motivation is necessary for any goal you have in your life—whether it’s to lose weight or to grow your online business. You know this, but you might be wondering how to stay motivated when you don’t see any big results. It’s just sooooo hard, right? We live in a time when all we want is […]